Cappelletto Srl is a historic Italian manufacturing company, operating in the wood, fine arts and design sector, that since the 1970s makes precision machining on solid wood, manufacturing, handing out and exporting a wide range of wooden articles: easels for painters, accessories for fine arts, wooden objects and components of all kinds and it is always at the service of Design.

The brand Cappelletto Srl is therefore recognized internationally by large distributors and entrepreneurs, but also by startupper, designer, curators, artists and painters for the higher quality of the products. All our wooden products are durable, sturdy and reliable, thanks to the control of precision over a wide variety of solid wood or other materials workings.

In 40 years of activity, Cappelletto Srl provided wooden easels, accessories, components, articles and products of Italian quality to 21 countries of the world. This makes the company Cappelletto Srl a training ship of woodworking.

All the products of Cappelletto Srl are made in Castelfranco Veneto, a small medieval town in the province of Treviso, it is located a few kilometers from Venice. In this place we keep our project alive for years: to make wooden products and articles that are able to defy time, with all kinds of precision machining on solid wood and other natural materials.

For this reason all our products are guaranteed by a careful testing phases and a quality control before the final packaging.

In the Cappelletto Srl ’s catalogue 2017 there are a lot of our products, but don’t hesitate to contact us for someone request or information.

We made wooden products for creativity and fine arts, such as: studio easels, lyre easels, field easels, table easels, children easels, whiteboards and flipcharts, sketch-boards, sculpture trestles and stools, print racks, canvas holder and palettes.

We also make wooden supports for sale and use, such as: containers, display, showcases for sales point and museum or fair equipment, fancy goods, small parts and special working.

The wooden products of Cappelletto Srl are timeless objects that last a lifetime, they can be bought not only for traditional use, but also for reinterpret and reemploy them in a functional way in the art sector, stationery, creativity, design, furniture and display or exhibition halls.


Cappelletto Srl was founded by Antonio Cappelletto in Treviso. His passion and skill for woodworking have resulted into the quality of the brand Cappelletto Srl, that is therefore recognized internationally.

In 1982 the company moved to the largest establishment in Castelfranco Veneto, where the entire family Cappelletto began to work in the company started by Antonio.

The first market of the wood manufacturing company was Italy, then Germany, and then again France, until to cover the entire European Union.

This international expansion occurred thanks to an increasing of the demand for wooden articles and easels for the fine arts, stationery and creativity sectors. The European distributors were looking for wooden accessories of Italian quality, certificate and with necessary characteristics to be able to last. The brand Cappelletto became a guarantee for the distributors, that even now propose it as first choice to their retail networks.

In the ’90s the company was discovered also by the American market, thanks to the established quality of the brand Cappelletto, then known for the strength and reliability of its products and woodworking. In this market it developed an important part of its business.

Over the years the brand Cappelletto pursued and maintained the high quality of woodworking, that paid particular attention to details, functionality and style of its wooden series.

Today, distributors and shops know that there isn’t a more precious wood item than a product manufactured by Cappelletto Srl.


All the wooden articles and products of Cappelletto Srl are designed and manufactured starting from the customers’ requests and requirements of wooden personalization.

Even the easels for painting, accessories for creativity and the wooden design objects were designed and manufactured on the basis of the needs of the final customers and users, artists, designers and technicians who need to work with the best tools for painting and creativity.


It is possible to meet the needs of wooden personalization thanks to the strong artisanal matrix. Cappelletto, with its traditional techniques, is able to offer serial solutions, that guarantees the highest standards of production quality and to cope with the increasing demand of the quantity in number of piece.

The results are wooden objects, wooden articles, wooden components, wooden products, small and big wooden artworks, that satisfy each user.


The raw material is beech wood. This is solid, homogeneous, hard, elastic, resistant to compression, stocks and curvatures. These characteristics make it the best material for the production of natural art tools, without toxic or hazardous substances.


The Cappelletto ’s experience is at your disposal to study the ideal solution for you, the perfect raw material, the most suitable wood for produce the best wooden articles and accessories. The dialogue with costumers is a way to stay in touch, pick up tips and share enthusiasm.


The company Cappelletto Srl holds and it always handed down the artisanal traditions of who preceded it. It designs and produces quality objects of real natural wood.

The environmental appointment belongs to Cappelletto ’s responsibility, that buys FSC certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council) because its objective is to reduce to the least one the environmental impact.

The materials used are 100% natural. Also the manufacturing process is totally environmentally friendly.