ES-12 ◦ Display Black Easel

ES-12 ◦ Display Black Easel

Materials: Stain resistant beech wood black laquered finshing

Weight: 9,2 kg   20,35 lbs

Base Dimension: 130×64 cm   51″x25″

Height : 145 cm   57″

Max Canvas Height: 200 cm   79″

Shelf: 5 cm   2″ (Capacity)

Distance from floor: 40-100 cm   16″-39″

The ES-12 display black easel of Cappelletto has a modern design, it is really robust and made from seasoned stain resistant beech wood. The base dimension are 130×64 cm (51″x 25″) and the height is 145 cm (57″). It can hold canvases up to 150 x h 200 cm (59″x h 79″) high and 5 cm (2″) thickness. Supplied with two sturdy support pegs. Heavy weight keeps the easel steady and secure. It is very quick to assemble with the top locking peg. Two pegs on both front legs allow you to hold up to the largest artworks. Five positions, 5,9″ (15 cm) apart, give you great variety in sizes to display. The shelf distance from the floor can vary from a minimum of 40 cm (16”) to a maximum of 100 cm (39”). The ES-12 works perfectly for both framed and unframed artwork. Ideal for studio and gallery use as well as at home, this easel folds down flat for easy storage and portability. Tough finishes will wear well for lasting use and beauty. When not in use, it can be folded back on itself with one easy motion for space-saving. It is available also in oiled natural version (Display natural easel ES-10).


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