TE-03 ◦ Batik Frame 130×130

TE-03 ◦ Batik Frame 130×130

Material: Solid softwood “Obeche”

Dimension: 140×1,5 cm    55″x0,6″

Height: 140 cm   55″

Max Canvas Dimensions: 130×130 cm   51″x51″

Batik frame 130×130 cm for batik and silk painting. Ideal for the technique of painting on fabric. A wooden frame that enables the fabric to be pinned and stretched. The TE-03 batik frame of Cappelletto is available in 3 sizes and it is adjustable through the different joints. The structure can entirely be assembled without the use of some screw, only with component to joint. Dimension: 130×130 cm  51″x51″