13-G ◦ Counter Balance Palette

13-G ◦ Counter Balance Palette

Materials: Plywood (100% wood)

Inner Steel counterweight

Weight: 0,8 kg   1,76 lbs

Dimensions: 45×60 cm   18”x23”

Thickness: 0,4 cm   0,16″


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Art. 13-G is the counter balance palette of Cappelletto, a giant de-lux palette made of the best plywood , that is 100% wood. The inner Counterweight distributes weight making the lightweight palette easy to hold. Its weight is 0,8 kg (1,76 lbs) and the dimensions are 45 x 60 cm (18″ x 24″). Thickness is 1/8″. It is possible to use the curved inner edge of the palette to rest the palette against the side of body while painting.  The innovative centre hole is ergonomically moulded for a more comfortable grip. For studio and classroom use, this roomy palette which is weighted for balance, allows for lots of mixing area with room to spare for essential colours. This Counter Balance Palette 100% Wood is Handmade in Italy by using the best material available.