SB-6 ◦ Wooden panel

SB-6 ◦ Wooden panel

Material: Smooth plywood

Weight: 1,2 kg   2,65 lbs

Dimensions: 50×70 cm   20”x27,5”

Thickness: 0,8 cm   0,31″

The art. SB-6 is a wooden panel of Cappelletto made of smooth plywood with rounded corners and hardwood veneer surface. It is 50 cm (20″) large, 70 cm (27,5″) high and 0,8 cm (0,31″) thick. It is a perfect rigid support for any studio or country easel to provide a solid surface for sketching and watercolour work. Cappelletto’s easels in the canvas support have a slot which is designed to accomodate an art board or a smooth plywood panel. The all-purpose panel of Cappelletto is available in two sizes: SB-6 (dimension 50 x 70 cm – 20”x27,5”) and SB-5 (35 × 50 cm – 14” x 20”). Handmade in Italy.

(A good example of the several uses of plywood in DIY is supplied by “Happy DIY Home”)