Rectangular OILED Palettes

Rectangular OILED Palettes

Materials: Lacquered walnut plywood

Thickness: 0,4 cm   0,16″

Dimensions Rectangular Palettes:

Art.R-2030: 20×30 cm   8”x12”

Art.R-2535: 25×35 cm   10”x14”

Art.R-3040: 30×40 cm   12”x16”

Art.R-3545: 35×45 cm   14”x18”

Rectangular OILED palettes – It is named “FEATHER ’ S TOUCH ” artists palette because of the special plywood material which combines the beauty of the walnut-wood with characteristics of lightness of the poplar wood inside.  This stable and super light “feather’s touch” palette is designed in order to reduce at minimum the weight that normally loads on the arm of the artists, when painting. Its structure is constantly stable because constructed in balanced special material; the centre core is made of lightweight poplar wood. Smooth surface oil finished. The Rectangular oiled palettes of Cappelletto are available also in left handed version.