CL-5 PLEX ◦ Display Lyre Easel Transparent Plexiglass

CL-5 PLEX ◦ Display Lyre Easel Transparent Plexiglass

Materials: Methacrylate

Weight: 7,5 Kg   16,5 lbs

Base Dimension: 59×68 cm   23″x27″

Height: 150 cm   59″

Max Canvas Height: 175 cm   69″

Shelf: 55×7 cm   22″x 2,8″ (Capacity)

Distance from floor: 25-113 cm   10″-44,5″ 

CL-5 PLEX is a display lyre easel transparent Plexiglass with a unique design. The base dimensions are 59×68 cm (23″x27″) and the height is 150 cm (59″). It can hold canvases up to 175 cm (69″) high and up to 7 cm (2,8″) deep. The adjustable height deep support ledge will take a thick frames. Made of the best quality methacrylate, for high transparency, strength and durability. Ideal for displaying as well as for interior design. A back wing nut system allows adjusting the height of the canvas tray and the inclination of the centre pole. The design essential gives to the CL-5 PLEX of Cappelletto an elegant and minimal appearance, ideal in any occasion. The CL-5 PLEX is a design object ideal for exhibition of paintings, canvases, posters, brochures, magazines, books, catalogues, menus, boards, handmade and artistic articles. Thanks to his light shape, this easel is ideal for structures such as museums, galleries, Art schools, hotels, restaurants, bars, exhibitions, wedding receptions or outdoors such as terraces, open galleries and gardens. When not in use, it can be folded back in one easy motion, for space-saving. There are other two versions: the varnished version (CL-5V) and the oiled version (CL-5).

The CL-5 PLEX is delivered fully assembled, ready for use.


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