CS-50 ◦ Studio Easel Multifuncion

CS-50 ◦ Studio Easel Multifuncion

Materials: Oiled stain resistant beech wood

Weight: 12 kg   26 lbs

Base Dimension: 60×72 cm   24”x28”

Height: 122-235 cm   48”-92,5”

Max Canvas Height: 140 cm   55”

Max Canvas Weight: 10 kg   22 lbs

Shelf: 49×4,6 cm   19″x1,8″ (Capacity)

Distance from ground: 44-145 cm   17″-57″ 

Distance from the ground when in horizontal position: 92 cm


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The Cappelletto CS-50 is a studio easel multifuncion of oiled beech wood. Durable, reliable, sturdy, adjustable in any position from vertical to horizontal (rotation 330 °) to become a comfortable table for drawing and for other artistic techniques such as watercolour, iconography, mosaic, engraving, dripping. This easel allows the use in any position while sitting or standing and allows you to paint even a few centimeters from the ground. The CS-50 is ideal for painting large canvases also in the presence of low ceilings. The central sliding mast can tilt forward to reduce reflected light. This is made possible by a system of comfortable knobs of black technopolymer with brass insert that guarantees maximum smoothness and durability. Equipped with a capacious storage shelf at the base for brushes, colors, varnish, canvases, palette etc. The easel is arranged for the application of optional accessories for further storage space (easel trays ET-1, ET-2), to provide a handy container (hanging colours boxes CA-4 and CA-6) and for using the easel in horizontal position (wooden panels SB-5 and SB-6 ) to be applied by a simple joint system without screws. CS-50 is perfect for watercolor painting as well as oil, acrylic and supports canvasses up to 1400 mm high (55″). The wood profiles finely rounded and bevelled add elegance and a refined appearance to this easel. When not in use, it can be folded back on itself with one easy motion for space-saving. The multifuncion and versatility of this easel makes it suitable for all uses, from painting to mosaic, from iconography to drawing, from the display of catalogues and photo books to the restoration of small to medium size handmade articles. Suitable for restoration workshops, drawing and painting schools, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, restaurants, wine cellars.

The CS-50 is delivered pre-assembled, with instructions for an easy assembling.