CR-400 ◦ Electrical Giant Easel for Restoration

CR-400 ◦ Electrical Giant Easel for Restoration


Materials: Solid beech wood

Weight: 80 kg   176 lbs

Base dimension: 200×130 cm   79″x51″

Height: 260 cm   102″

For use with canvasses up to: 380×240 cm   150”x95”

Max Canvas Weight: 250 kg   551 lbs

Shelf: 200×13 cm   79″x5″ (capacity)

Distance from floor: 10-150 cm   4″-59″

Forward inclination:

Back inclination: 11°

Available: 230 V 50 Hz /110 V 60 Hz   110 or 220 Volts motor



The Cappelletto CR-400 is an electrical giant easel for restoration of oiled beech wood, very sturdy and steady. The innovative electrical system with low voltage and the complete electronic control ensure safety and more precise movements. The adjusting of the easel inclination and height is made possible by means of motorized linear guides of anodized aluminium. A push-button remote control concurs to the smooth and silent regulation of the height (from a minimum of 10 cm to a maximum of 150 cm from the floor) and of the easel inclination (backward up to 11° and forward up to 5°). Equipped with fine sculptured ergonomic sliding knobs of beech wood for locking the painting. The electrical giant easel for restoration is intended for the restoration of major works, ideal for canvases, bas-reliefs, mosaics, icons and wooden artefacts, heavy and with a large format up to 240 cm height. Used in laboratories and restoration schools, museums, art galleries, … VIDEO available

The dimensions of base are 200×130 cm (78,74″x51,18″).

The CR-400 is delivered in kit form, with instructions for an easy assembling.