CE-155 ◦ Portable Display Lyre Easel

CE-155 ◦ Portable Display Lyre Easel

Materials: FSC Oiled stain resistant beech wood

Weight: 3,34 kg   7 lbs

Base Dimension: 70×70 cm   27,5″x27,5″

Height: 150 cm   59″

Max Canvas Height: 200 cm   79″

Max Canvas Weight: 10 kg   22 lbs

Shelf: 56×4 cm   22″x1,5″ (Capacity)

Distance from floor: 40-94 cm   16″-37″

The Cappelletto CE-155 is a portable display lyre easel made of oiled beech wood, very light and easy to handle, with a low price. The base dimensions are 70×70 cm (27,5″x27,5″) and the height is 150 cm (59″). The height of the canvas tray (adjustable up to 6 different positions) and the inclination of the back pole can be adjusted through a back wing nut system. Three supporting points on the floor provide stability. It can hold canvases up to 200 cm high and 4 cm thick. The shelf distance from the floor can vary from a minimum of 40 cm (16”) to a maximum of 94 cm (37”). When not in use, it can be folded back on itself with one easy motion, for space-saving. the volume when closed is of 5,5 x 13,5 x 156 cm. A harmonic steel handle covered with black vinyl and positioned on one of the two front rods makes the CE-155 easy to move within structures such as museums, galleries, schools, libraries, theatres, cinemas, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, bars, exhibition stands or in outdoor environments such as squares, terraces, open galleries, gardens, parks where to expose paintings, canvases, posters, brochures, magazines, books, photo albums, catalogues, menus, boards, handmade and artistic articles.

The EC-155, portable display lyre easel, is delivered fully assembled in all its parts.


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